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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Actual interview questions asked during Fred Loya insurance executive post recruitment

A candidate tells about his interview experience for the post of an executive at Fred Loya insurance. My first round of interview was over phonic and as expected they asked me that why I want to work with Fred Loya Insurance and what makes me suitable for this post.

I think that Fred Loya Insurance guys were satisfied with my answers and so they called me for the next round of selection. During 2nd round of interview, which was  face-to-face with two managers I was asked questions like my preference type of work, location and what type work environment I am looking for.

They even asked me if I am ok with working late on weekends. From time to time they were saying that it is very challenging post and would I be able to work under pressure and handle very demanding and sometimes very irritating consumers. They asked me to tell two points which makes me ideal to work with Fred Loya Insurance. I hope my replies were upto the mark as a result within days after the interview I was called up and they asked me pick up my offer letter and visit Fred Loya Insurance office to negotiate my salary and perks.

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